Industrial Grade Kits

Industrial Grade Starter Kit for Regular Duty Steel Strap
Industrial Grade Starter Kit for Regular Duty Steel Strap
  • Model: FLPINDUSK
  • Shipping Weight: 72lbs

Price:   $591.00


American Made
  • For flat package loads - regular duty steel strapping starter kit includes:
  • 1- American made feedwheel tensioner - model EP1425
  • 1- American made, single-notch, up cut - model EP1820
  • 1- Premium strap shears, model - EP2450
  • 1- Premium oscillated coil dispenser cart - model EP3200
  • 2500 count bag of open type (snap-on) seals
  • Our industrial grade starter kit is perfect for a start-up business or an existing company who is looking for a great deal on quality American made tools that will last.
  • Don't forget to order half-skids or full kids of our top quality, American made steel strapping.
  • Ships UPS from Lake Bluff, IL for only $19.99 to most of the USA


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